Patient Assistance Program

Paying for medication shouldn't get in the way of your health. Hope for Hemophilia's Patient Assistance Program assists patients with affordable access to therapies such as KOĀTE.

Hope for Hemophilia

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*Terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria apply.


The KOĀTE TRY-IT* Program allows eligible patients to try KOĀTE for up to 2 weeks at no cost

To be eligible for the program, you must not currently use KOĀTE and must not have a currently diagnosed inhibitor

The 2-week free trial may not exceed 50,000 IUs of KOĀTE

Enrolling is easy!

Talk to your doctor to find out if you qualify for the KOĀTE TRY-IT Program.

Your doctor will submit an enrollment form to Kedrion Biopharma.

Once approved, KOĀTE will be sent to your doctor’s office or pharmacy.

*Terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria apply

Resources to download

KOĀTE Patient Brochure >

Helpful product information for patients and caregivers

KOĀTE Patient Brochure
KOĀTE Safety Steps Brochure >

An overview of the KOĀTE manufacturing process

KOĀTE Safety Steps Brochure
Patient Assistance Program >

Patient Assistance Program operated by Hope for Hemophilia

Patient Assistance Program
KOĀTE Mixing Tips Sell Sheet >

Illustrated step-by-step instructions for patients on how to mix KOĀTE.

KOĀTE Mixing Tips Sell Sheet Steps

emPOWERED by Answers: FAQs

How often is KOĀTE administered?

Dose and frequency of infusions vary from person to person. Your doctor will determine the appropriate amount of KOĀTE for your or your child based on the specific clinical condition.1

How long does it take to infuse KOĀTE?

The time it takes to infuse KOĀTE will depend on the dose and frequency of infusions that your doctor prescribes. Based on your comfort level, KOĀTE may be infused at a rate no faster than 10 mL per minute. This means that at the fastest rate, a 100 mL infusion of KOĀTE would take about 10 minutes, though it may take longer.1

How soon after reconstitution should KOĀTE be administered?

Since there are no preservatives in the vial, KOĀTE should be used immediately or within 3 hours of reconstitution. Do not refrigerate KOĀTE after reconstitution.1

Can KOĀTE be self-infused?

Yes! You or a caregiver can be trained to administer KOĀTE in the comfort of your own home.1 To learn more, watch the KOĀTE Mixing Video.

Is the plasma that makes up KOĀTE safe?

Yes! KOĀTE is made up of donated human plasma that goes through the manufacturing process. While there are risks associated with any product made from blood plasma, each step in the KOĀTE manufacturing process is designed to increase the safety of KOĀTE.1

What steps are taken to help reduce viral transmission risk?

KOĀTE uses 2 independent, dedicated viral inactivation steps (Solvent/Detergent Treatment and Dry Heat Treatment) that are specifically designed to inactive or eliminate viruses.1 For more information, please see our Commitment to Safety.